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Timorous Beastie Whiskey Truffles

Timorous Beastie Whiskey Truffles

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Gourmet Dark Chocolate Timorous Beastie Whiskey Truffles. We take 10 year Timorous Beastie (Highland) Whisky blend it into our premium luxury dark chocolate ganache truffle filling for a combination that will blow you away! Dusted with high fat dark cocoa powder and infused with some of the most amazing Scottish whiskey you will ever taste, this luxury gift box is sure to be one of your favourite Achocolat Chocolatier treats ever!

Come with 10pcs freshly handmade whiskey truffles. 

Taste Guide:

Creamy honey with warm buttered toast. It come with a gentle spice and distinct cereal character. It is deliciously taste like honeycomb, with combine of zesty orange and soft fruits taste. 

Best consumed within 14 days.

Chocolates come with Standard Paper Gifting Box. 


The Story

Once upon a time, in a whimsical land of sweets and treats, there lived a mischievous little creature named Timorous Beastie. Timorous was no ordinary beastie, for he had a love for adventure and a wild spirit that was unmatched by any other creature in the land.

One day, as Timorous was exploring the rolling hills and lush forests of his home, he stumbled upon a hidden cache of chocolate. "Aha!" he exclaimed, as he indulged in the creamy, velvety confection. "This is the best thing I've ever tasted!"

And so, Timorous set out on a mission to share his newfound love for chocolate with all the creatures of the land. He threw wild chocolate parties, served up hot cocoa with a mischievous twist, and even crafted his own special blend of chocolate and whiskey, which he dubbed "Timorous Beastie Whiskey Chocolate."

As the word of Timorous's chocolate-fueled escapades spread, creatures from far and wide flocked to his side to taste the sweet, delicious treats for themselves. And as they indulged in the chocolates, they too were filled with a sense of adventure and a love of life, just like Timorous himself.

So, if you're ever feeling down or in need of a little pick-me-up, just remember Timorous Beastie and his wild and funky love affair with chocolate. For in a world filled with sweets and treats, there's nothing quite like a little bit of Timorous to put a smile on your face!


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