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Martell VSOP Cognac Truffles

Martell VSOP Cognac Truffles

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Gourmet Dark Martell VSOP Cognac Truffles. We take the prestige Martell VSOP Cognac from France to blend it into our premium luxury dark chocolate ganache truffle filling for a combination that will blow you away! Dusted with premium dark cocoa powder and infused with some of the most premium cognac you will ever taste, this luxury gift box is sure to be one of your favourite Achocolat Chocolatier treats ever!

Come with 10pcs freshly handmade French Cognac truffles. 

Taste guide :

The Martell VSOP Cognac Truffle has the taste of mirabelle plum, apricot, yellow melon, mixed with subtle notes of wood and delicate spices. It is surprisingly rich and fruity, yet delicate and well balanced.

Best to consume within 14 days. 

Chocolates come with Standard Paper Gifting Box. 


The Story

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a young couple named Rose and Thomas. They had been together since their childhood and were deeply in love. Rose was a passionate baker and had a keen interest in experimenting with flavors. One day, she came across Martell VSOP Cognac and was inspired to infuse it into her chocolates.

Thomas, on the other hand, was a successful businessman and was often away on business trips. Whenever he returned, Rose would gift him her latest creation of Martell VSOP Cognac infused chocolates as a token of her love. The rich and smooth flavors of the cognac perfectly complemented the velvety texture of the chocolate, and Thomas was always impressed.

Years went by, and the couple grew old together, but their love never faded. They would often sit on their porch, sip on a glass of Martell VSOP Cognac, and enjoy a piece of the infused chocolate. The memories of their love were encapsulated in every bite, and they felt young and in love all over again.

Their story spread far and wide, and many people were inspired by their love and devotion to each other. The chocolates that Rose had created became a symbol of love, and people would often give them as gifts to express their love and affection.

The old couple may have passed on, but their love story and the chocolates that Rose had created lived on, reminding everyone of the power of love and the beauty of timeless flavors.



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