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Big Peat Islay Whiskey Truffles

Big Peat Islay Whiskey Truffles

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Gourmet Dark Chocolate Big Peat Islay Whiskey Truffles. We take Big Peat, a vatting of 100% Islay Single Malts Whisky blend it into our premium luxury dark chocolate ganache truffle filling for a combination that will blow you away! Dusted with high fat dark cocoa powder and infused with some of the most amazing Scottish whiskey you will ever taste, this luxury gift box is sure to be one of your favourite Achocolat Chocolatier treats ever!

Come with 10pcs freshly handmade whiskey truffles. 

Taste Guide:

Initially sweet, its distinct Islay quality quickly appears with smoky, burnt ribs on the BBQ  with the finishing taste of long with a lingering smoky character, with liquorice and dark chocolate.

Best consumed within 14 days.

Chocolates come with Standard Paper Gifting Box. 


The Story

Once upon a time, in a small chocolate shop at Scotland, there lived a funky and mischievous chocolate maker named Mocha. Mocha was known for his wild and zany creations, but his latest invention was causing quite a stir.

Mocha had infused the famous Big Peat Islay Whiskey into his chocolates, creating a unique and funky flavor that had people talking. But, Mocha wasn't content with just making a delicious chocolate, he wanted to tell a story that would make people laugh.

One day, a customer walked into the shop and asked for a taste of the Big Peat Islay Whiskey chocolate. Mocha, with a twinkle in his eye, handed him a chocolate and told him the story of how the whiskey and chocolate came together.

"It all started when Big Peat, the famous whiskey, was feeling a little lonely," Mocha began. "He had traveled the world, trying every whiskey under the sun, but he still felt unfulfilled. That's when he met our dear chocolate, and they quickly hit it off."

"They spent days and nights together, laughing, singing, and dancing," Mocha continued. "And before they knew it, they had fallen in love. But, they soon realized that their love was forbidden. You see, whiskey and chocolate are not supposed to mix. But, Big Peat and chocolate couldn't bear the thought of being apart, so they decided to run away together."

"And, that's how Big Peat and chocolate became one, in this delicious and funky flavor," Mocha finished with a flourish.

The customer couldn't help but laugh at Mocha's tale, and he quickly became a fan of the funky and playful Big Peat Islay Whiskey chocolate. Word spread quickly, and soon people from all over the world were flocking to the chocolate shop to taste the one-of-a-kind flavor and hear Mocha's hilarious story.

And so, the tale of the Big Peat Islay Whiskey chocolate became a story of love, laughter, and funky flavors, reminding people everywhere to always embrace their wild and zany side. Mocha's creation proved that, with a little bit of humor and a lot of fun, anything is possible.



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