Story of AChocolat

The origin concept of AChocolat sparked two years ago (2017) when we were invited by Singleton to craft a series of Glen Ord Whisky infused chocolates for their events. It turn out that customers love and crave our about creation and many of customer return to us for more similar chocolates truffle.

Due to increase in demand, we start to notice this untapped segment of alcohol infused chocolate category. We spent entire year conducting survey with our customers and partners and to our surprise all of them love the way we infused alcohol into chocolate ganache and form a perfect taste and aroma in their mouth, and they love the journey and experience of discovering the alcohol spikes note in their mouth as this is totally new to them, especially in Australia and Asia market.

We does not stop there but further pushing the effort forward to develop a perfect serving chocolate size and shape. The perfect serving size must meet the three criteria for our customers:

  1. The size must be just nice for customers to put the entire piece of chocolates into their mouth, regardless male or female, or how big or small their mouth size is. Subconsciously the customers are willing to put the entire chocolates into their mouth in one bite is the perfect size we seek for.
  2. The alcohol infusion must form a perfect aroma, blending the chocolate ganache and alcohol together in customers’ mouth and give a full tasting profile that customer can experience. The balance of dosage of alcohol infused into the chocolate ganache must be precise and accurate.
  3. Artisanal skill is required to handle different type of alcohol infusion into chocolate ganache. Whipping and mixing the chocolate ganache, whipping cream and alcohol must be evenly done in perfect emulsion temperature to form the best chocolate ganache emulsion; which is important factor for developing a silky smooth and instant melt in your mouth experience lead to layering discovery of alcohol and chocolates in your mouth.

The entire R&D journey took us another 1 year and finally we have pre-launch the Achocolat to the market during end Dec 2019 and the products become an instant hit in the market.

One thing that made us different, we do not want to stick with same ingredients and products offering like all the other traditional chocolatiers around the world. It made us not creative and it will also eventually bored our customers. We want to be different and we want to bring greater values and inspirations to our customers. Hence, our vision is to work with as many interesting alcohol brands and products we can get our hands on. Every month or quarter we will introduce new alcohol infused chocolates into our product range, and discontinue the aged products line. We also welcome our customers to introduce and suggest their favorite alcohol for our lab to work on. For instant, our Roku Suntory Gin was recommended by one of our customer who’s in excitement to discover what his favorite gin will taste like when it is infused into chocolates.

Write to us, share with us, and join us in this exciting and uniquely alcohol chocolate journey, and be bold, be unique, be yourself in discover your favorite alcohol chocolates. You only live once, live for yourself, not for someone.


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service