Perfect Serv

Similar to wine, whisky, cognac or beer, a perfect servings is an art of serving the best condition beverages to customers. That include temperature, size of serving, and process of serving. 

When we develop the AChocolat, we demand ourselves to work so hard to come out the standard for perfect serving for any alcohol chocolates we prepare for our customers. It is an art of size measurement, dosage of alcohol infused into the chocolates ganache to form a perfect, silky smooth and balance alcohol aroma and experience, and the temperature control and art of handcraft chocolate ganache are critically controlled to produce every piece of AChocolat. 


Hence, we would like to introduce "Perfect Serv" by AChocolat, a perfect serving standard for alcohol chocolates. Here is how you should partake our Perfect Serv AChocolat. 

  1. Unopen box of AChocolat should be keep freeze in freezer with below -18 degree Celsius to preserve the shelf life.
  2. 1 day before the serving, put the chocolate in chiller / refrigerator with temperature within 4 degree to 8 degree Celsius.
  3. Upon serving, bring the chocolates out in room temperature and consume the chocolates within 15 – 30 minutes in room temperature. Unfinish box of chocolates can be kept back in refrigerator but once open, all chocolates must be finish within 14 days due to no preservatives added to the chocolates.
  4. Upon removing the plastic cover of the chocolates, you should able to get a small hint of alcohol smell.
  5. During the serving, partake the entire block of chocolate into your mouth and let the chocolate melt slowly in your mouth using our body temperature. You will taste the strong chocolate aroma in your mouth and slowly discover the first strike of alcohol taste in your mouth.
  6. Upon swallowing the chocolates into your throat, another layer of alcohol aroma and taste will suffice again. Some are spice, while some are strong and balance, depending on the type of alcohol chocolate you took.
  7. You will able to identify the alcohol taste characters such as dry, smooky, spice or balance vanilla notes at the end of tasting, giving you a perfect tasting ending of Achocolat.