About Us

We handcraft luxury artisan alcohol chocolates in the Malaysia using only natural ingredients and a very unique method that delivers exceptional layers of flavour. We like to be different. We like to make people smile. We like the little luxuries in life.

We use only natural ingredients. Every chocolate is handcrafted and individually decorated before being placed into luxury handmade gift boxes.  When planning our artisan chocolate company we wanted to create not only a unique and exceptional flavour experience but also to present the chocolates beautifully to make the recipient feel special.  As a chocolate gift they are designed with one thing in mind - to put a huge smile on the lucky person who receives one. 

Our Founding Principles are:

Exceptional flavour – bold, elegant and distinct

Integrity -  in the quality of the product, the ingredients, and our dealings with our customers

Purity – keeping the product as close to nature as possible

Quality – providing the best chocolate gifts – consistently!

Delight – ensuring our chocolates give rise to smiles and the occasional squeal of joy

Welcoming workplace – to provide an enjoyable, stimulating and motivational workplace for all employees

Achocolat Chocolatier is a one-of-a-kind artisanal chocolate company that takes its passion for chocolate to the next level. Our chocolatier is dedicated to crafting unique and innovative chocolate creations that pair perfectly with a variety of alcohols. We use only the finest single origin chocolate from Ghana to create our indulgent treats. Each chocolate is carefully crafted to bring out the rich and complex flavors of both the chocolate and the paired alcohol. With a focus on creativity and a commitment to excellence, Achocolat Chocolatier offers an unforgettable taste experience. Come and discover the magic of chocolate and alcohol in perfect harmony with Achocolat Chocolatier.

Achocolat Chocolatier is a true chocolate connoisseur, dedicated to combining the rich and indulgent flavors of chocolate with the complexity of premium alcoholic beverages. By sourcing only the finest single-origin chocolates from Ghana, Achocolat elevates the chocolate-making process to a whole new level. Their passion and expertise are evident in every bite of their creative alcohol-infused chocolates, where different types of alcohol are paired to enhance and complement the natural chocolate flavor. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or just a indulgent treat for yourself, you can count on Achocolat Chocolatier to deliver an unforgettable chocolate experience.